EXPOSED: American Mom Makes $12,500/Month From Home And You Won't Believe How She Does It!

Lifestyle Tribune investigates "Work From Home" jobs that are sweeping America


Melissa puts her computer to work and makes money while working from home. She says that the Process at Home has helped change her financial life and recommends it to everyone.

By Amanda Winston

Ever Considered Working From Home?

Melissa Johnson from New Jersey never thought that she would work online, until curiosity got the best of her and she filled out a simple online form. Before she knew it, she discovered her secret to beating the recession, and being able to provide for her family while at home with her three children.

I read Melissa's blog last month and decided to feature her story in our weekly consumer report. In our phone interview she told me her amazing story. "I actually make about $12,500 - $13,500 a month working from home." It's enough to comfortably replace my old jobs' income, especially considering I only work about 15-18 hours a week from home.

You could be receiving cheques like this

Working online has been a financial windfall for Melissa, who struggled for months to find a decent job but kept hitting dead ends. "I lost my job shortly after the recession hit, I needed reliable income, I was not interested in the "get rich quick" scams you see all over the internet. Those are all pyramid scams or stuff which you have to sell to your friends and family. I just needed a legitimate way to earn a living for me and my family. The best part of working online is that I am always home with the kids. Thanks to the Process at Home Kit I am giving my kids the childhood they deserve."

I asked her about how she started her life-changing journey. "It was pretty easy, I filled out a short form and applied for a work-at-home kit. There is a small activation fee; it's not really free but it was only few dollars. I got the kit and within four weeks I was making over $5,500 a month. It's really simple, I am not a computer whiz, but I can use the internet. I don't even have to sell anything and nobody has to buy anything. Companies are constantly recruiting people for this, you should try it."

The companies you work with are worth over 100 billion dollars and are the most used sites in the internet market place, like Amazon, Google, Walmart, Delta, Apple and more... You're using the top ranked sites in the world, over 50 percent of all internet traffic flows through them everyday. It's a great opportunity and this has been helping people work at home for over 5 years. Why not get in with the internet's best and biggest companies?

There are plenty of scams on the internet claiming you can make $40,000 a month, but that is exactly what they are - scams. From my conversation with Melissa, "I am making a good salary from home, which is amazing, under a year ago I was jobless in a horrible economy. I thank God every day that I filled out that form."

Quickly, Melissa Johnson was able to use the simple Process at Home to make it out of the recession.

"I easily make $87/hr working part time from home" - Melissa Johnson

Melissa had never shared her story before, this is the first time she's going public.

Here's how to get started

  • Step 1: Go to Process at Home, and fill out the form to get instant activation.
  • Step 2: Follow the instructions at Process at Home and set up your account. Then they will show you what to do. Everything gets tracked.
  • Step 3: Deposit your earnings by cheque or direct bank transfer. (Making money has never been so easy. Get ready for your life to change.)

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Process at Home - OFFICIAL WEBSITE

(WARNING - Offer Expires: September 24, 2023)

We rarely do these special reports because the reality is that there are a lot of scams out there, but this was just too good to keep away from the public. Try it out and send us your thoughts!

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Posted by Simon

Does this really work? I mean the whole working at home stuff? Has anyone tried this yet? Looks promising...

Reply . Like . 13 Likes . 12 minutes ago

Posted by Kenneth

Simon: you have to work and use the computer and internet, and if you can do that and dedicate some time each day then you can do this with no problem. I have been working with this for a month and have made over $7,500 already. let me know if you need more help.

Reply . Like . 6 Likes . 4 minutes ago

Posted by Ben

I'd just like to add my story; I think others would like to hear it. I too was always leery about work at home offers because they always seemed to be scams. But soon after hit by recession, I was a little frightened. I wanted to have a backup plan just in case. So, I tried Process at Home (cuz they offered a 365Day Moneyback Guarantee). It worked like a charm - I was earning money right away! I eventually did get laid off, just as I had feared, but since I had been using the Process at Home I had money to fall back on. Now I'm doing better than I had at my job!

Reply . Like . 19 Likes . 25 minutes ago

Posted by Lyn

It's nice to read your story Ben....glad you are making some money' Gives me hope that it will work for me too! hopefully I could come out of my college debt...

Reply . Like . 16 Likes . 17 minutes ago

Posted by Jake T

Gonna get it tomorrow...

Reply . Like . 53 Likes . about an hour ago

Posted by Danielle

Thanks for the info, just started this 4 weeks ago. I've got my FIRST cheque total of $1,000, pretty cool!!!

Reply . Like . 3 Likes . 1 hour ago

Posted by Alexander

I was kind of worried about the entire thing. I've never worked from home, But Yeah, I did just join and all is good. so I will post back how it goes!

Reply . Like . 1 Likes . 2 hours ago

Posted by Jane

I just wanted to tell everyone I got my first cheque today for $1,250 !

Reply . Like . 12 Likes . 2 hours ago

Posted by Liz

This is amazing! With all the scams online it was hard to find a legit system now a days, thanks for the info...

Reply . Like . 30 Likes . 2 hours ago

Posted by Kate

Even though I was not very pleased ordering online didn't wanna miss out on this offer, Great service and many thanks for the information, I have gone and ordered.

Reply . Like . 53 Likes . 2 hours ago

Posted by Jess

I just got the package. Thanks for the advice! I will keep in touch.. I could be making some extra money soon...:)

Reply . Like . 2 Likes . 2 hours ago

Posted by Alex G

Just a quick notice... It does work but you have to be able touse a computer at least somewhat. If you can use email, etc. then you'll be fine.

Reply . Like . 11 Likes . 2 hours ago

Posted by Mel

I think this is great and will come in really handy right now. I'm not the best computer user but I think I can post links!!! :)

Reply . Like . 23 Likes . 3 hours ago

Posted by Sue

I ordered it today.. can't wait to get my hands on it.. thanks for the info...

Reply . Like . 6 Likes . 3 hours ago

Posted by Angie

I will do anything to never have to work in a 4 x 4 cubicle ever again...if I could be my own boss that would be amazing...

Reply . Like . 2 Likes . 3 hours ago

Posted by Nigel

The timing of this couldn't be better, We are struggling too and this could be our answer.

Reply . Like . 17 Likes . 4 hours ago

Posted by Jen

Does this really work guys..? I'm a bit skeptical.. how much effort do I have to put?

Reply . Like . 8 Likes . 6 hours ago

Posted by Carrie

Hey Jen, I'm using it now and it's awesome! I've signed up for my account and have been bringing in fat paycheques. For real, my first week I made $600 and the second week I doubled it and then it kinda snowballed to $280 a day! Just folllow the course.. they will help you out...

Reply . Like . 20 Likes . 5 hours ago

Posted by Josh D

Thanks for the info, just started this 5 weeks ago. I've got 2 cheques for a total of $1,350, pretty cooll!

Reply . Like . 10 Likes . 8 hours ago

Posted by Wes

I just started 6 weeks ago and I've gotten 2 cheque for a total of $3,400..this is the best decision I made in a long time! Thank you for giving me this extraordinary opportunity to make extra money from home. This extra cash has changed my life in so many ways, thank you!

Reply . Like . 3 Likes . 8 hours ago

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